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Please keep coming back to this site and listing. More miscellaneous items will be added continually. Please use your computer’s “Find on this Page” feature to seek out specifics you’re searching for.

Some items are unphotographed. If you would like to see a photo of a listing, we will be glad to email a photo to you.

$7 postage/packing will be added to all U.S. orders up to 12 oz. Extra postage may apply for packages over 12 oz.. We will notify you of any extra postage due.

For foreign postage please contact us and we will notify you by email of your shipping charges based on weight of item(s) purchased. You will then be asked to remit the postage through our Paypal address.

If you’d rather, you may order anything on this page by check or money order. Be sure to enclose $7 postage in the U.S. If over 12 oz. you will be billed for the extra cost.

Magazines & Publications

Very Good or better condition unless noted. (Dates shown if known)

Item Description
FESS PARKER (Davy Crockett) Fess' real life story. 1959 36 pages. Bit worn. $10
FLASHBACK #1 (72) B-Westerns, musicals, comedies, horror, serials (slight water damage to top right corner) $15
FLASHBACK #2 (‘72) Tom Mix, Basil Rathbone, King Kong, films of 1933 $15
CISCO KID #1 (73) 32 pages reprints Cisco comic strips from 1951 $4
SCREEN THRILLS ILLUSTRATED V. 2 (63) Tom Tyler, stuntmen, Charlie Chan, Dave Sharpe, Phantom, Republic Studios $15
SUPER HEROES #1 (66) Phantom, Batman and Robin, Superman, Captain America, Captain Marvel $15
STERANKO HISTORY OF COMICS #2 ('72) Oversized 10 1/2 x 14" magazine-book with Capt. Marvel and Fawcett Comics history, Blackhawk and Quality Comics, Airboy and Hillman Comcis (other avation heroes also), Plastic Man, National Comics, Spirit, Dollman. (Fn+ with staples pulling slightly) $15
THIRD RAIL #1 (6/81) 48 page magazine on EC artists Al Williamson (interview, sketches), Reed Crandall (6 pages of his art on comic strip "Jungle Jim") Mint $5
TV GUIDE 1954 Jan. 29-Feb. 4 (Garry Moore, Gisele McKenzie, Robert Montgomery) (VFn-NM) $10
TV GUIDE 1955 Aug. 13-19 (“Beat the Clock”, Barbara Nichols, Mel Blanc, “Cisco Kid”—2 pgs. color) (VG+, small piece off back cover) $10
TV GUIDE 1956 April 14-20 (Grace Kelly, “Sheena”, Alfred Hitchcock) (G, spine wear, cuts on Dateline page) $8
TV GUIDE 1956 Nov. 17-23 (“Soldiers of Fortune”, “Adventures of Sir Lancelot”) (G, spine wear) $5
TV GUIDE 1960 Oct. 15-21 (Carol Burnett, Boris Karloff, “Dobie Gillis”, “Flintstones”) (VG) $10
TV GUIDE 1969 Feb. 1-7 ("High Chaparral", "Judd for the Defense", Desi Arnaz) (spine split, Fair) $5

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