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Besides articles listed in the issues below there are many other articles along with the always regular news items, columns by Will Hutchins, Michael Pate, Johnny Western, Ty Hardin, Neil Summers, Dusty Rogers and others.

#8 (Nov./Dec. ‘95) Hopalong Cassidy, Juaregui Ranch, Roy Rogers, Rough Ridin' Kids, Buck Jones, Gary Gray, Holly Bane/Mike Ragan obit, David McLean obit, Mary Beth Hughes obit, Kentucky Park Farm location, Bob Terhune, Jean Porter, "Susanna Pass" $25
#11 (May/June ‘96) Ben Johnson obit, Lyle Talbot obit, "Big Valley", Jack Elam, James Stacy, Jimmy Hawkins, Rex Allen interview, "Bronco", Mara Corday, Agoura/Albertson Ranch location, Chuck Roberson, Ken Maynard $25
#14 (Nov./Dec. ‘96) Iverson Footprinting and Disney Handprinting, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lash LaRue, Joanne Dru, Kathleen Hughes, Paramount Ranch location, Duke Green, "Twilight on the Rio Grande", Don Harvey $20
#15 (Jan./Feb. ‘97) Gene Autry, Roy Rogers/Dale Evans, Lash LaRue's ashes, John Wayne, Gil Perkins, Alice Van Springsteen, "Johnny Ringo", Willard Parker obit, Faron Young obit, "Down Mexico Way", Tex Cooper, Clint Walker, Hertz-Paramount Ranch location, Donna Martell, Don Harvey $20
#26 (Nov./Dec. ‘98) Gene Autry obit, "Boots and Saddles", Bill Cody, Bob Allen obit, Penny Edwards obit, Richard Denning obit, "Riders of the Whistling Pines", Roy Rogers and Dale Evans by Gregory Walcott, Kanab, UT film locations, Movie Trains, Colleen Miller, Polly Burson $17
#27 (Jan./Feb. ‘99) Gene Autry tribute (36 pages—has been damp but very readable), Ken Maynard, Pierce Lyden obit $25
#28 (March/April ‘99) Six Republic leading ladies, Charles Bronson weds, Tim McCoy, Janet Shaw, Jack Perrin, Iron Eyes Cody obit, "The Rider of Death Valley", William S. Hart, Beverly Washburn, Movie trains, Chuck Courtney $15
#29 (May/June ‘99) Eddie Dean tribute, James Coburn, "Cowboy G-Men", Brad Slaven, Buddy Roosevelt, film distribution, Roscoe Ates, Faith Domergue obit, Terry Wilson obit, Kirk Alyn obit, Movie trains, Marjorie Stapp, Dave O'Brien, "Driftin' River", Roy Rogers $25
#30 (July/August ‘99) Rory Calhoun tribute, Roy Rogers/Dale Evans, Gordon Kay interview on Republic Westerns, Fred Humes, De Forest Kelley obit, Ken Terrell, Lyn Wylde, "The Wild Frontier", California film locations $16
#31 (Sept./Oct. ‘99) James Garner, Corriganville, Bob Baker, "Whispering Smith", B-Western Medicine Shows, Gorden Kay interview on Universal Westerns, Prescott, AZ film locations, Marie Windsor, Gil Perkins, J. B. Warner, "Red River Valley", Sam Peckinpah $15
#32 (Nov./Dec. ‘99) Dale Evans, Clayton Moore, Jimmie Davis, Roy Rogers, "The Loner", Blackjack O'Shea, Prescott, AZ film location, "Song of the Range", Dennis Moore, Jack Williams, Jane Randolph, Roy Stewart $15
#33 (Jan./Feb. ‘00) Rex Allen tribute issue, Gene Autry, Billy Benedict obit, Mala Powers, "Trail of Robin Hood", Republic Studio, "Sergeants Three", William Russell $25
#34 (March/April ‘00) Lone Ranger/Clayton Moore tribute issue (32 pages), Fred Humes, Chuck Courtney obit, Noreen Nash, Lone Ranger film locations, Ted Wells, Jock Mahoney, Joe Haworth, Bud Boetticher $25
#35 (May/June ‘00) James Arness, Gabby Hayes, Richard Farnsworth, Russell Wade interview, "Branded", John Hart interview, "The Canadians", Texas Guinan, Burro Flats location, Alice Van Springsteen, "Oh Susanna", Kathryn Adams, Jack Kelly $15
#36 (July/August ‘00) Rogersdale trouble, Dale Evans, "Legend of Jesse James", Roy Jenson, Jimmy Rogers obit, X Brands obit, Dick Hatton, Apacheland location, Gigi Perreau, John Huston, John Ford, Donna Hall, "Destry Rides Again" $15
#37 (Sept./Oct. ‘00) Myron Healey, Gregg Barton, Walter Reed, House Peters Jr.—Golden Boot Awards, "MacKenzie's Raiders", Lee Marvin by Gregory Walcott, Gordon Gebert, Nan Leslie obit, Ted Adams, Lois Collier obit, Universal Studios film location, "Border Patrolman", Buzz Barton, "Death Valley Days", Elizabeth Fraser $15
#40 (March/April ‘01) Dale Evans memorial issue (36 pages), "Crossfire Trail", "Fury", Leo Gordon interview, Leo Gordon obit, Burt Kennedy obit, Doye O'Dell obit, Yuma, AZ film location, Loren Janes, Rosemary DeCamp, Jack Hoxie, Tom Santschi, Tex Ritter's High Noon $20
#42 (July/August ‘01) James Warren obit, Peggy Stewart discusses the Robert Blake murder case, Roy Rogers, Robert Fuller married, James Stacy, Dick Curtis, James Warren interview, "Outlaws", Carl Switzer, Miriam Seegar, John Cliff obit, The Durango Kid, Al Hoxie, "Reprisal", Spahn Ranch location, Bobby Herron $15
#43 (Sept./Oct. ‘01) Gene Autry, James Arness, Walter Reed obit, Buck Jones, Hopalong Cassidy memorabilia sale; Bud Osborne, "Hopalong Cassidy", film festival photos, Clint Walker, Walker Ranch film location, Lupita Tovar, Roydon Clark, Roy Rogers $15
#44 (Nov./Dec. ‘01) Special 9/11 "We Need Our Heroes" cover. Art by Bill Black with John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lone Ranger, Durango Kid fighting Osama Bin Laden. 9-11 editorial by Dusty Rogers. Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger Western auctions, George Chesebro, Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers, Walter Reed, Julie Bishop, Fred Carson, Bob Reeves, Kanab, UT film locations, Ty Hardin $20
#46 (March/April ‘02) Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Buck Jones memorabilia at auction, Rand Brooks, "Maverick", Morris Ankrum, Sons of the Pioneers, Santa Cruz film locations, J. Warren Kerrigan, Rodd Redwing, Kanab, UT film locations, Ann Savage $15
#47 (May/June ‘02) Bill Witney obit, Tom Mix Museum robbery, Lane Bradford, LeGarde Twins, "Gunslinger", Internet Movie Database, John Agar obit, Roy Huggins obit, Tony Young obit, "Stagecoach" film locations, Lester Cuneo, Ethel Kenyon, Sons of the Pioneers, Chuck Bail, "Rawhide" $15
#49 (Sept./Oct. ‘02) Dusty Rogers announces Roy Rogers Museum, Will Hutchins' Golden Boot Award, Charlie King, "Tombstone Territory", Bob Rose, Sons of the Pioneers, Roberta Gale, Victoria Horne, Chuck Connors, Hoppy movie locations, Jack Padjan $15
#50 (Nov./Dec. ‘02) Hoover Presidential Library Exhibit, Carnegie Hall Concert, Robert Blake Murder Trial, Zon Murray, "Adventures of Champion", Bob Nolan, Sining in the Saddle book, Director: Oliver Drake, Pee Wee Holmes, Ruth Hall, Dusty Rogers' last column, A.C. Lyles, Gallup, NM film location, Bobby Hoy $15
#51 (Jan./Feb. ‘03) Gene Autry, "Jim Bowie", Frank Ellis, James Coburn obit, Sedona, AZ film location, Fred Church, Fay McKenzie, "Maverick", Danny Sands $14
#52 (March/April ‘03) Ken Maynard's saddle—$23,000, Richard Simmons obit, "Law of the Plainsman", Hopalong Cassidy, Noah Beery Sr., Beth Marion obit, Vera Ralston, Sedona film locations, John Carradine, Russ Saunders, Herb Jeffries $14
#53 (May/June ‘03) Roy Rogers Museum, Vera Ralston, Comic Book Cowboys: Wild Bill Elliott, Johnny Carpenter, "Yancy Derringer", Tristram Coffin, Johnny Carpenter obit, Bing Russell obit, Art Acord, Providencia Ranch film location, Fred "Krunch" Krone, Sugar Dawn, Director: Mack V. Wright $14
#54 (July/August ‘03) Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum opens, Warner Bros. Laramie Street demolished, Comic Book Cowboys: Sunset Carson, "Shotgun Slade", Chris Alcaide, Dale Warren and Sons of Pioneers interviewed, Gregory Peck obit, Robert Stack obit, Director: Ford Beebe, Johnny sheffield, Judy Clark, Steve McQueen, B-Western Ranches film locations, Art Acord $14
#55 (Sept./Oct. ‘03) 21st Annual Golden Boot Awards, Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, Ethan Laidlaw, Comic Book Cowboys: Tex Ritter, "Kit Carson", Interview with Dirk London, "Open Range", Buddy Ebsen obit, Jane Wyatt, "The Great Train Robbery", Bob Woodward, "Forest Rangers" $14
#56 (Nov./Dec. ‘03) Johnny Mack Brown, Lone Pine Museum, Comic Book Cowboys: Tim Holt, "Rawhide", Charles Stevens, Jack Elam obit, Rand Brooks obit, Sheb Wooley obit, Charles Bronson obit, Fred and Bob Burns, Barbara Weeks, Director: Elmer Clifton, Bud Geary, Jock Mahoney, Snow Canyon film locations $14
#60 (July/August ‘04) Fess Parker, John Wayne, James Arness, Robert Blake trial, Marshall Reed, "The Rifleman", Comic Book Cowboys: The Rifleman, Ronald Reagan obit, Tommy Farrell obit, Dale Van Sickel, South Dakota film locations, Chris Alcaide, Director: Joseph H. Lewis, Wallace Macdonald, Gloria Jean $14
#61 (Sept./Oct. ‘04) Walker Ranch avoids fire, Gene Autry mural, "26 Men", John Cliff, Comic Book Cowboys: Hoot Gibson, Sammy McKim obit, Chris Alcaide obit, Director: Harry Fraser, "Escape from Fort Bravo", Casey Tibbs, Idaho film locations, Virginia Grey $14
#62 (Nov./Dec. ‘04) Ponderosa Ranch closes, Robert Conrad DUI, John Wayne stamp, Ted Adams, Comic Book Cowboys: Jimmy Wakely, "Jefferson Drum", Buck Connors, Black Jack Ward, Ben Johnson, Joan Barclay obit, Irene Manning, Al Wyatt, "Naked Spur", Oregon film locations $14
#63 (Jan./Feb. ‘05) Monte Hale, Robert Conrad DUI, Apacheland, Comic Book Cowboys: Ken Maynard, Lyle Bettger, "Stories of the Century", Marion Shilling obit, Howard Keel obit, Director: William Berke, Montana film locations, Jack Holt, Richard Devon $14
#64 (March/April ‘05) Gene Autry Square, Fess Parker, John Merton, Comic Book Cowboys: Sugarfoot, "Trackdown", Fred Scott interview, Westerns of Fred Scott, Virginia Mayo obit, Montana film locations, Marjorie Lord, Director: Spencer Bennet, Frank McGrath, George O'Brien $14
#65 (May/June ‘05) John Wayne #1, Clint Eastwood wins Oscar, Robert Blake aquitted, Westerns of Lash LaRue, Comic Book Cowboys: Monte Hale, Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage, "The Deputy", Steve Brodie, Don Durant obit, Yakima Canutt, Director: Spencer Bennet, Barbara Kent, Valley of Fire movie location $14
#66 (July, August ‘05) Walk of Western Stars, Robert Blake Murder Trial, Raymond Hatton, "Tales of Wells Fargo", Comic Book Cowboys: Bob Steele, Donald Curtis, Westerns of Rex Bell, Director: Spencer Bennet, Terry Wilson, Laurie Mitchell, William Fairbanks, Valley of Fire movie location, Francis Ford $14
#67 (Sept./Oct. ‘05) Pioneertown fire, Spade Cooley, Roy Rogers Museum, Comic Book Cowboys: Buster Crabbe, "Tate", John Dehner, Westerns of Tim Holt, Arvo Ojala obit, Goulding's Trading Post—Monument Valley, Norman Leavitt, Dorothy Green, Director: Frank McDonald $13
#68 (Nov./Dec. ‘05) "Gunsmoke" celebrates 50, Jack Mathis tribute, Henry Silva, Westerns of Tim Holt, Comic Book Cowboys: Tim McCoy, "Hotel de Paree", John Bromfield obit, Debbie Reynolds, George Orrison, Director: Sam Newfield, Monument Valley (condition a bit rough) $13
#69 (Jan./Feb. ‘06) Hopalong Cassidy and FDR's New Deal, Comic Book Cowboys: The Range Rider, Westerns of Sunset Carson, "The Tall Man", Academy Awards for Stuntmen?, Al Taylor, Marc Lawrence obit, Mexico film locations, Director: Bob Tansey, Argentina Brunetti, Brocho Billy, Will Hutchins on John Ford $13
#70 (March/April ‘06) Myron Healey obit, "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon", Claude Akins, Comic Book Cowboys: Buck Jones, Westerns of Whip Wilson, Old Mexico film locations, Ann Gillis, Dustin Farnam, Boyd Stockman, Billy Hughes $13
#71 (May/June ‘06) Harry Carey Jr. and Dean Smith honored, George Wallach, "Destry", Comic Book Cowboys: Johnny Mack Brown, Westerns of Monte Hale, Dennis Weaver obit, Darren McGavin obit, Big Boy Williams in his own words, Director: Robert Bradbury, Carroll Baker, Jeremy Slate, Old Mexico film locations $13
#72 (July/August ‘06) James Garner, Glenn Ford, Robert Horton honored; John Wayne, Edward J. Peil, "Cheyenne", Comic Book Cowboys: Cheyenne, Westerns of George Houston, Eddie Dew interview, John Kimbrough obit, Director: George Sherman, Betty Jane Rhodes, "Duel in the Sun" movie locations, Rex Rossi, William Farnam $13
#73 (Sept./Oct. ‘06) Westerns of The Range Busters, Comic Book Cowboys: Durango Kid, Pioneertown spared flames, Tom Tyler, Carl Stockdale, John King interview, "Bronco", "Gunfight at the Internet Corral", Evelyn Keyes, Eddie Polo, Director: Henry Hathaway, Director: Ray Taylor, "Duel in the Sun" movie locations $13
#75-76 (Jan.-April ‘07) Gene Autry Centennial, Western auctions, Paul Sorensen, Ben Welden, William Watson, George Barrows, Westerns of Jon Hall, Westerns of Rod Cameron, "State Trooper", Comic Book Cowboys: Rod Cameron, Ken Maynard interview and article, Essential Western Bookshelf, Dana Andrews, Fuzzy Knight interview, Lois Hall obit, Yvonne DeCarlo obit, Jack Palance obit, Paul Picerni interview, Barbara Stanwyck, Director Lesley Selander, Arizona film locations, "Buffalo Bill Jr.", "Badge of Marshal Brennan", Edward J. Pawley $15
#77 (May/June ‘07) Gene Autry Centennial, Western auctions, Lafe McKee, James Newill interview, "Cimarron Strip", B-Westerns of John Wayne, Comic Book Cowboys: John Wayne, Bruce Bennett obit, Keith Larsen obit, Arizona film locations, Steve Mitchell, Charlotte Austin interview, "War Paint", Director Joe Kane, Edmund Cobb (stain on top right of cover through page 12) $13
#79 (Sept./Oct. ‘07) Gene Autry Centennial, Hopalong Cassidy auction, Comic Book Cowboys: Dell Comics, "Alias Smith and Jones", Gerald Mohr, Westerns of Jim Bannon, Gene Autry interview, Director Lambert Hiller, William S. Hart, "Shotgun", Robert Colbert interview $14
#80 (Nov./Dec. ‘07) Johnny Mack Brown tribute, Westerns of The Rough Ridin' Kids, "Wanted Dead or Alive", Bob Steele interview, Byron Foulger, Comic Book Cowboys: Gabby Hayes, Director Breezy Eason, "South of the Border", Mickey Simpson, Poverty Row Producers, Arizona film locations $14
#81 (Jan./Feb ‘08) Roy Rogers; Fess Parker; Roy Barcroft interview; “Colt .45”; Westerns of The Frontier Marshals; William Fawcett; Comic Book Cowboys: Smiley Burnette, Andy Devine; “The Phantom” serial; director Breezy Eason; “The Silver Whip”; Sonoita Valley Location; Pat Fielder interview about “The Rifleman” $13
#82 (March/April ‘08) Western Clippings website launch, Hank Patterson, Bob Baker interview, Disney TV Westerns, Westerns of Bob Baker, George Keymas obit, Wayde Preston, Paul Sorensen, Lisa Davis interview, Director John English, Transitional Cowboy Heroes, "No Name on the Bullet" $13
#83 (May/June ‘08) Westerns of Bob Steele; Tim Holt interview; “Casey Jones”; Jean Willes; Comic Book Cowboys: Rex Allen; Ty Hardin; Assistant Director Paul Wurtzell; Richard Widmark; Don Harvey; “Short Grass” w/Rod Cameron; El Rancho de las Golondrinas—New Mexico film site; Director John English; silent star Bill Patton; much more $13
#84 (July/August ‘08) James Garner, "Daredevils of the West", Comic Book Cowboys: The Lone Ranger; "Tales of the Texas Rangers", Interview with Don Barry, Westerns of Bob Steele, J. Farrell MacDonald, "The Last Wagon", New Mexico film locations, director Tommy Carr, Jack Mower, James Stewart $13
#85 (Sept./Oct. ‘08) "The Dakotas", Westerns of Bob Steele, James Seay, Jimmy Wakely interview, Comic Book Cowboys: Rawhide, "Wild Wild West" interview, "Stalking Moon", Custer's Last Stand Real and Reel, Robert Brubaker, New Mexico film locations, Director Tommy Carr $13
#86 (Nov./Dec. ‘08) Michael Pate obit, House Peters Jr. obit, Charles Gray obit, Comic Book Cowboys: Stoney Burke, Laredo, High Chaparral, Cimarron Strip, Custer; Interview with Reb Russell, Earle Hodgins, Westerns of Bob Steele, "The Rebel", Paul Newman obit, Peter Mamakos, Colorado film locations, Director Tommy Carr, Andrew J. Fenady interview, Tom Tyler, "Rocky Mountain" $13
#87 (Jan./Feb. ‘09) "Union Pacific", "Pony Express", Westerns of Jack Randall, Comic Book Cowboys: Jack Randall, Wallace Ford, Bob Allen interview, Andrew Fenady interview, Beverly Garland obit, Morgan Woodward, Yakima Canutt, New Mexico film locations $13
#88 (March/April ‘09) Westerns of Dick Foran, Hopalong Cassidy, Glenn Strange interview, Stephen McNally, "The Range Rider", "Pony Express", Comic Book Cowboys: Bonanza, Phil Carey obit, Sammy Baugh obit, Presidents in Westerns, Harry Lauter, Beverly Garland, Andrew Fenady interview, New Mexico film locations, "Nevada" $13
#89 (May/June ‘09) Monte Hale obit and tribute, Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum opening, "Overland Trail", Scott Marlowe, Comic Book Cowboys: Maverick, Westerns of Bob Allen and Jack Luden, Charles Starrett, Richard Boone, New Mexico film locations, "Light of Western Stars", Maury Dexter interview, J. P. McGowan, Russ Conway $15
#90 (July/August ‘09) Color cover. Gathering of Guns 2, "Rifleman" 50th Anniversary, Ken Curtis interview, Ted De Corsia, Westerns of Jack Perrin, Comic Book Cowboys: Tales of Wells Fargo, "Laramie", David Carradine obit, Learning from Roy and Dale, "The Bushwhackers", Ben Johnson, Russ Conway, Ed Faulkner interview, Ty Hardin column, New Mexico film locations $15
#91 (Sept./Oct. ‘09) Monument Valley change, Max Terhune interview, Westerns of George Montgomery, "Zane Grey Theatre", Robert Ryan, Comic Book Cowboys: Alan Ladd, Whitey Hughes obit, Gale Storm obit, Christian influences in B-Westerns, Denver Dixon and Art Mix, Ty Hardin column, Ed Faulkner interview, New Mexico film locations, Clint Walker $13
#92 (Nov./Dec. ‘09) John Hart obit, Frank Coghlan Jr. obit, Roy Rogers Museum closing, "Bonanza" 50th Anniversary, Westerns of Don Barry, "Lancer", Comic Book Cowboys: Lancer, Budd Buster, two John Hart interviews, Pamela Blake obit, Ty Hardin column, Bonanza Creek, NM film location, A B-Western Christmas, Joe Bonomo, "Hour of the Gun", William Pullen, Hugh O'Brian $13
#93 (Jan./Feb. ‘10) Gene Barry obit, Harley Wood, Westerns of Don Barry, Walter Burke, "Lawman", Interview with Buster Crabbe, Comic Book Cowboys: Wyatt Earp, "Branded", Canyon City film location, June Lockhart, Ty Hardin, Indians in Westerns, Dale Robertson $13
#94 (March/April ‘10) Roy Rogers auction, Pernell Roberts obit, "The Cisco Kid", Comic Book Cowboys: Cisco Kid, Marie Windsor, Westerns of The Rough Riders, Eddy Waller interview, Bobby Hoy obit, Richard Devon, Bankers in Westerns, "From Hell to Texas", Fess Parker interview, Alberta, Canada film locations, James Arness $13
#102 (July/August ‘11) Color cover. Gathering of Guns 3, "Virginian" reunion, James Arness obit and tribute, Ford Rainey, Westerns of Charles Starrett, Comic Book Cowboys: Laramie, "Big Valley", Family in Westerns, "Fort Dobbs", California film locations, Mickey Simpson $13
#114 (July/August ‘13) Color cover. Gathering of Guns 5, Lone Ranger auction, The New "Lone Ranger" movie, "The Lone Ranger" TV show, Westerns of the Lone Ranger, Comic Book Cowboys: Tom Mix, John Elliott, Families in Westerns, "Pursued", "Stories of the Century", Tony Young, George Chesebro, Kennedy Meadows film location $13
#115 (Sept./Oct. ‘13) Republic Pictures, Michael Ansara obit, Herb Jeffries at 100, "Wild Wild West", Anson Mount interview, Westerns of Robert Fuller, Comic Book Cowboys: Tom Mix, Lee Roberts, "Three Godfathers", TV Lawmen, "Stories of the Century", Nudie $12
#116 (Nov./Dec. ‘13) Roy Rogers rides for Broadway, Westerns of Phil Carey, Andrew Duggin, "Zorro", Comic Book Cowboys: Fury, A. C. Lyles obit, "Gun Fury", Johnny Western, Lyle Bettger, "Wagon Train" Music $12
#117 (Jan./Feb. ‘14) John Wayne Legacy, "Riverboat", Radio: "Straight Arrow", Comic Book Cowboys: "Tales of the Texas Rangers", "Snowfire", Westerns of John Payne, Bruce Dern, Music: "Melody Ranch", "Ambush at Cimarron Pas"s, Music of Stanley Wilson, California beach film locations, Wally Cassell $12
#118 (March/April ‘14) Western Memoribilia auctions, Westerns of Fred MacMurray, Comic Book Cowboys: Wild Wild West, Radio: Hopalong Cassidy, "Whiplash", Lloyd Ingraham, Hal Price, Russell Johnson obit, Christopher Jones obit, "High Chaparral".Music: "Liberty Valance", Congress in Westerns, California Missions locations $12
#119 (May/June ‘14) Sons of the Pioneers turn 80, Radio: Wild Bill Hickok, Comic Book Cowboys: Red Ryder, Constance Ford, "Daniel Boone", Westerns of Alan Ladd, Roy Huggins, "Ulzana's Raid", Northern California film locations, Don Harvey $12
#120 (July/August ‘14) Color covers, A Gathering of Guns 6 TV Western Reunion, Radio: Fort Laramie, Comic Book Cowboys: Steve Donovan, Western Marshal, Don Megowan, "The Westerner", Westerns of Jeff Chandler, Herb Jeffries obit, "Arrowhead", California film locations, Bob Wilke, John Wayne Tribute $13
#121 (Sept./Oct. ‘14) Dick Jones obit, James Garner obit, Lone Ranger costume sold, Ross Elliott, "The Monroes", Comic Book Cowboys: Colt 45, Radio: Red Ryder, Westerns of Ben Johnson, Judges in Westerns, "Distant Drums", Music: "Sugarfoot", Guy Prescott, Missouri/Kansas film locations $12
#124 (March/April ‘15) Western Auctions, Westerns of Macdonald Carey, "Sheriff of Cochise"/"US Marshal", Comic Book Cowboys: Hawkeye/Sheriff of Cochise, Radio: Larabee, Frank Gerstle, Rod Taylor obit, Jesse James history, Richard Boone, Kentucky/Tennessee film locations, Music: Lee Zahler, "Along the Great Divide" $12
#126 (July/August ‘15) Carole Mathews obit, John Wayne birthplace opens, "Guns of Will Sonnett", Guy Wilkerson, Comic Book Cowoboys: Gunsmoke, Westerns of Scott Brady, Radio: Ken Maynard, Westerns and Lawyers, Gregory Walcott, "Denver and the Rio Grande" $12
#127 (Sept./Oct. ‘15) Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum, Dale Evans Honored, Westerns of Glenn Ford, "Cade's County", Horace Carpenter, Comic Book Cowboys: Rin Tin Tin, Radio: "The Cisco Kid", "Santa Fe Saddlemates", Oklahoma movie locations, Women in B-Westerns, Richard Emory $12
#128 (Nov./Dec. ‘15) "Happy Trails" Musical, "Gunsmoke", Roy Rogers, Westerns of Errol Flynn, "Travels of Jaimie McPheeters", Charles Fredericks, Radio: "Adventures of Tom Mix", Comic Book Cowboys: Sgt. Preston, Maureen O'Hara obit, Frank Richards, "The Texas Rangers", Cowboy Life Lessons, Texas film locations $12
#129 (Jan./Feb. ‘16) Gregg Palmer obit, Robert Loggia obit, David Canary obit, Rex Reason obit, Smokey Rogers, "Wyatt Earp", Radio: "The Six Shooter", Westerns of Forrest Tucker, Comic Book Cowboys: The Deputy, "A Distant Trumpet", Sonny Bupp, Music: Raoul Kraushaar, Texas movie locations $12
#130 (March/April ‘16) Dan Haggerty obit, Wayne Rogers obit, Robert Blake murder trial, James Millican, Westerns of Burt Lancaster, "Death Valley Days", Comic Book Cowboys: Zorro, Radio: "Death Valley Days", Elaine Riley obit, "Relentless", Santa Cruz Valley, AZ location, Music: Dimitri Tiomkin, Richard Eyer, John Wesley Hardin and Ben Thompson in Westerns $12
#131 (May/June ‘16) Robert Horton obit, Peter Brown obit, Tab Hunter, Mervyn Vye, Comic Book Cowboys: Wild Bill Hickok, "Wagon Train", Westerns of Gary Cooper, Radio: "Tales of the Texas Rangers", B-Western Singing Cowboys, George Kennedy obit, George J. Lewis, Child abuse in Westerns, Arizona film locations, "Born to the West" $12
#132 (July/August ‘16) Color cover. Western Memorabilia auction, Radio: "Lone Ranger", Westerns of Gary Cooper, Faye Spain, "The New Maverick", Comic Book Cowboys: Casey Jones, Michael Chapin, "Station West", Arizona film locations $13
#133 (Sept./Oct. ‘16) Movie location wildfires, Roy Rogers before Trigger, Comic Book Cowboys: Roy Rogers, Christine McIntyre, Radio: "Gunsmoke", "Bret Maverick", Westerns of Charlton Heston, TV Westerns, Phoeniz, AZ movie locations, "Santiago", Denver Pyle $12
#134 (Nov./Dec. ‘16) James Stacy obit, Hugh O'Brian obit, Hoppy Museum fire, Gabby Hayes, Westerns of Gregory Peck, John Kellogg, Comic Book Cowboys: Trigger and Roy Rogers, Radio: Roy Rogers Show, "Quincannon, Frontier Scout", Arizona film locations, Ladies in B-Westerns, "The Virginian" music, Pat Brady $12
#135 (Jan./Feb. ‘17) Disney's "Davy Crockett", Western Movie Auction, Luster Bayless Tribute, Comic Book Cowboys: Western Roundup, John Harmon, Radio: Rin Tin Tin, Westerns of Robert Mitchum, "Flaming Feather", Apacheland and Superstition Mountains locations, The Future of Westerns, James Seay $12
#137 (May/June ‘17) Westerns of Clint Eastwood, Riders of the Purple Sage Opera, Radio: "Adventures of Champion", Comic Book Cowboys: Randolph Scott, Faith Domergue, "Northwest Passage", Warren Oates, Music: Shane, "Broken Star", Scott Wilson, Victor Valley Dry Lakes location, Glenn Ford, Chuck Connors $12
#138 (July/August ‘17) Roger Moore obit, Adrian Booth obit, Kathleen Crowley obit, Elena Verdugo obit; Westerns of James Stewart, Radio: "Frontier Gentleman", Gloria Talbott, Comic Book Cowboys: Black Jack; John Dehner, "Frontier Circus", "Gunsmoke", "Man from Bitter Ridge", Victor Valley location, Sammy McKim $12
#139 (Sept./Oct. ‘17) Ty Hardin obit, Comic Book Cowboys: Joel McCrea, Alfonso Bedoya, Radio: "Luke Slaughter of Tombstone", "Paradise", Westerns of James Stewart, Dianne Foster, Will Hutchins remembers Ty Hardin, R. G. Armstrong, Iverson Ranch location, Sammy McKim, Don Barry $12
#140 (Nov./Dec. ‘17) Hugh O'Brian, Anne Jeffreys, Karen Steele, Gunsmoke game, Westerns of Steve McQueen, "The Quest", Comic Book Cowboys: Western/Romance Comics, Radio: "Frontier Town", Ken Lynch, early '60s Westerns, John Alvin, "Return of the Cisco Kid", Iverson Ranch location $12
#141 (Jan./Feb. ‘18) Peggy Stewart, Nehemiah Persoff, Spahn Ranch, Comic Book Cowboys: Fawcett Movie Comics, others; Radio: "All Star Western Theatre", "Lash of the West", Westerns of Wayne Morris, Hopalong Cassidy game, Burro Flats location, Robert Shane, "Backlash", Ennio Morricone $12
#142 (March/April ‘18) Kirk Douglas at 101, Hugh O'Brian, Reel vs. Real: Bill Doolin, Westerns of Charles Bronson, Paul Richards, Radio: "Zane Grey Theatre", Comic Book Cowboys: Tim McCoy, Sunset Carson and more; Olive Sturgess, "Nichols", William S. Hart, Jack Ingram Ranch location, "Garden of Evil", Leif Erickson $12
#143 (May/June ‘18) Dusty Rogers joins Sons of the Pioneers, Reel vs. Real: Sam Bass, Radio: "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon", Penny Edwards, Westerns of Ken Curtis, Morgan Woodward, Comic Book Cowboys: Reno Browne, "Hec Ramsey", Sons of the Pioneers, "Sunset in the West", Towsley Canyon location, Jacqueline White $12
#144-145 (July/Aug.-Sept./Oct. ‘18) Clint Walker obit (11 pages), Westerns of Clint Walker, Clint Walker comic books, Hopalong Cassidy saddle, Westerns of...several '50s B+ Westerns, Reel vs. Real: Black Jack Ketchum, Frank Ferguson, Diane Baker, Cheyenne game, Bill Phipps obit, "Night of the Grizzly", Walter Reed, Canadian film sights, Will Hutchins remembers Clint Walker, Max Steiner music, Robert Winckler remembers his father, "The Wild Bunch", Arvo Ojala, Autry Museum $22
#146 (Nov./Dec. ‘18) Gene Autry Radio: Melody Ranch; Suzan Ball; Comic Book Cowboys: Foreign editions; Reel vs. Real: John Wesley Hardin; Tex Palmer; Westerns of Rock Hudson; "F-Troop", Kernville location; "Bone Tomahawk"; Alan Hale Sr. $7
#147 (Jan./Feb. ‘19) Robert Fuller-Texas Trail of Fame, Wayne Maunder obit, Westerns of Henry Fonda, Dan Duryea, Diane Brewster, Reel vs. Real: Johnny Ringo, "Dirty Sally", Foreign Comic Book Cowboys, "Wyoming Roundup", Jean Harvey, Paramount Ranch location $7
#148 (Mar./Apr. ‘19) Gail Davis in Women’s Hall of Fame; Don Kay Reynolds death; Reel vs. Real: Nate Champion; Julie Adams; Dennis Moore; Westerns of Bill Williams; Remaking it in Hollywood: Alias Smith and Jones; “How the West Was Won”; Arthur Space (Part 1); Vaughn Monroe “Singing Guns”; Colorado filming sites; Little Big Horn remembered $7
#149 (May/June ‘19) Morgan Woodward obit, Defending John Wayne, Westerns of the Magnificent 7, Arlene Dahl, Ray Teal, English hardcover Western comic books, Reel vs. Real: Black Bart, Virginian game, Arthur Space, Roy Rogers Westerns, Newhall Mystery Ranch location, "The Last Hard Men" $7
#150-151 (July-Aug/Sept.-Oct. ‘19) Double Issue! Peggy Stewart obit and interview, Gene Autry music group, Bonanza house, Autry Oklahoma Ranch all sold; Lash LaRue remakes, Westerns of Hoot Gibson including Trail Blazers, "Stoney Burke", Reel vs. Real: Dalton Gang, Marie Windsor, 24 essential TV Western Badmen, "Wagon Train" game, Chuck Roberson and others in "Hondo", Spahn Ranch location, "The Drifter" w/Buster Crabbe, TV family Westerns, Glenn Ford, Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, Buzz Barton, Davy Sharpe, rock 'n' roll Cowboys, "Sundown Riders", interview with Russell Wade $16
#152 (Nov./Dec. ‘19) Lone Ranger TV 70th Anniversary, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", James Griffith, "Nakia", Reel vs. Real: Billy the Kid, Mary Beth Hughes, James Ellison/Russell Hayden remakes, Westerns of Scott Brady, Lone Ranger game, Jan Merlin obit, Fred Libby, Sports in Westerns, "Appaloosa", Utah locations, William S. Hart $7
#153 (Jan./Feb. ‘20) Lone Ranger Colts sold; Mara Corday; “Bearcats”; Leo Gordon; “Tales of the Texas Rangers”; Westerns of Dean Martin; Real vs Reel: Butch Cassidy; early frontier westerns; Sunset Carson “Deadline”; H. M, Wynant; Jauregui Ranch Location $7
#154 (March/April ‘20) Kelo Henderson obit, Kirk Douglas obit, Western Auctions, Reel vs. Real: Harry Tracy, Rhonda Fleming, "Barbary Coast", Westerns of Big Boy Williams, Roger Williams, Skip Homeier, Robert Conrad obit, Barry Curtis obit, Wyoming locations, Ross Elliott, "The Texican"-Audie Murphy $7
#155 (May/June ‘20) James Drury obit, Stuart Whitman obit, Western Auctions, Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Lisa Gaye, Walter Miller, Reel vs. Real: Clay Allison, Westerns of William Bishop, "Return of the Gunfighter", Gene Reynolds, Many Faces of Red Ryder $7
#156-157 (July/Aug.-Sept./Oct. ‘20) Double Issue! Linda Cristal obit, "The Virginian", Pierce Lyden, Westerns of Allan Lane, Beth Marion, John Anderson, "The Untamed Breed", Dick Jones, Peggie Castle, Movie Mansions; Riders of the Comic Strip Pages (11 pages), Charles Starrett $16
#158 (Nov./Dec. ‘20) Old Tucson: Closed, Peggie Castle, Westerns of John Agar, Reel vs. Real: Younger Brothers, Laramie game, "Rounders", Denver Pyle, Morrison Ranch, "The Last Outpost", Bing Russell $7
#159 (Jan./Feb. ‘21) John Wayne: An American Experience, Western Auctions, The Rebel game, Westerns of Jack Hoxie, Westerns of John Kimbrough, "Bonanza", Lois Hall, Emilio Fernandez, Roger Williams, Reel vs. Real: Burt Alvorde, Chuck Bail, Bing Russell, Old Tucson, "Duel at Diablo", Gene Autry Tribute $7
#160 (March/April ‘21) Western Auctions, "Gunsmoke", Anthony Caruso, Westerns of Audie Murphy (Pt. 1), Reel vs. Real: Augustine Chacon, Joan Barclay, "The Lone Ranger" w/Clayton Moore, Bat Masterson game, Walker Ranch, Robert Knapp $7
#161 (May/June ‘21) Henry Darrow obit, Westerns of Audie Murphy Part 2, Westerns of Randolph Scott Part 1, Holly Bane (aka Mike Ragan), “Here Come the Brides”, Susan Cummings, “Stories of the Century”: Jack Slade, Lee Aaker obit, Richard Simmons (Sgt. Preston), Movie Resorts, “The Sacketts”, “Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold”, Guns in Westerns, Red River Dave $7
#162 (July/Aug. ‘21) John Wayne: An American Experience; "Klondike"; Pamela Blake; John Cason; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt.2; Johnny Crawford obit; John Agar; "Branded" Board Game; "Seven Men From Now"; Movie Dams $7
#163 (Sept./Oct. ‘21) William Smith obit; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt. 3; Earl Dwire; "Wildside"; Jan Shepard; Alex Cord obit; John Pickard; "Last Train From Gun Hill"; Montana locations; Newspapers in Westerns $7
#164 (Nov./Dec. ‘21) Don Collier, Bobby Herron, Tommy Cook obits; Audie Murphy Metal of Honor Museum; Clint Eastwood's "Cry Macho"; Myrna Dell; Arthur Hunnicutt; "Johnny Ringo" Board Game; Westerns of Randolph Scott Pt. 4; "Wide Country"; Robert Horton book; "True Grit: A Further Adventure"; Robert Colbert; "The Westerner: Jeff"; Man Against Nature in Westerns; Bradley Page; Mammoth Lakes $7
#165 (Jan./Feb. ‘22) "Yellowstone", Anne Helm, "Empire", Westerns of Bob Livingston, Tom London, "Skip-Along Rosenbloom", Jerry Gatlin obit, Blue Canyon Arizona location, "Hondo" TV series, Violence in Westerns, Gene Evans" $7

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