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Back Issues for Sale

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Boyd Magers, 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

#30 (July/Aug. ‘99) Rory Calhoun death, “The Texan”, Fred Humes, producer Gordon Kay on Rocky Lane, Lyn Wilde, Ken Terrell $7
#61 (Sept./Oct. ‘04) “26 Men”, John Cliff, Comic Book: Hoot Gibson, Harry Fraser, Casey Tibbs, Idaho, Ben Wilson and Neva Gerber, Virginia Grey $7
#69 (Jan./Feb. ‘06) Hoppy and FDR, Sunset Carson, Comic Book: Range Rider, “Tall Man”, Al Taylor, Mexico film star (Pt. 1), Academy awards for stuntmen, director Robert Emmett Tansey, Argentina Brunetti, Frances Kavanugh, Broncho Billy, John Ford. $6
#75/76 (Jan./April ‘07) Double issue. Gene Autry Centennial, auction items, Paul Sorenson, Ben Welden, William Watson, George Barrows, John Hall, Rod Cameron, “State Trooper”, Comic Book: Rod Cameron, Ken Maynard interview, essential Western Bookshelf, Dana Andrews, Fuzzy Knight, Harry Julian Fink, Lois Hall, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jack Palance, Paul Picerni, Barbara Stanwyck, Lesley Sealander, Elgin, AZ, Buffalo Bill Jr., “The Badge of Marshal Brennan”, Ed Pawley $10
#77 (May/June ‘07) Gene Autry Centennial, auction results, Lafe McKee, James Newill interview, “Cimarron Strip”, John Wayne westerns, Comic Book: John Wayne, Lynn Merrick, Jack Williams, Elgin, AZ, (Pt. 2), Charlotte Austin/Gene Austin, “War Paint”, Joe Kane (Pt. 1), Edmund Cobb $6
#78 (July/Aug. ‘07) John Wayne Centennial, Comic Book: Gene Autry, “Gene Autry Show”, Eddie Dean interview, Tom Bay, William S. Hart ( Pt. 1), “Valdez is Coming”, Bill Phipps, San Rafael Valley (Pt. 1), Joe Kane (Pt. 2) $6
#81 (Jan./Feb. ‘08) Roy Rogers - (personal letter), Fess Parker, Roy Barcroft interview, Lee Powell/Bill Boyd/Art Davis, “Colt .45”, Wayde Preston, William Fawcett, Comic Books: Smiley Burnette, Andy Devine; Jeannie Bates, Buck Jones, Breezy Eason, (Pt. 2), Evelyn Finley, Eileen and Josie Sedgwick, “Silver Whip”, Arizona locations, Pat Fielder. $6
#82 (Mar./Apr. ‘08) Hank Patterson; Disney westerns; Bob Baker; auction items; George Keymas; Paul Sorenson; Lisa Davis; John English; Lupton, AZ; Jones/McCoy/Maynard/Gibson/Tyler, other transitional heroes; “No Name on the Bullet” $6
#109 (Sept./Oct. ‘12) “Lone Ranger” update; Dale Evans’ 100th; Westerns of Tex Williams; James Westerfield; “High Chaparral”; Comic Book Cowboys: Hopalong Cassidy (Pt. 1); R. G. Armstrong; Cowboys and Gangsters; Ric Roman (Pt. 2); “Rawhide”; Ed Coxen; “Heritage of the Desert”; Flaggstaff, Arizona films $6
#110 (Nov./Dec. ‘12) “Virginian” 50th anniversary reunion; The new “Lone Ranger”; Dick Foran; Comic Book Cowboys: Hopalong Cassidy; “Stagecoach West”; Westerns of Guy Madison; Robert F. Simon; “Django Unchained”; Washington state films; House Peters Sr.; “The Tall Texan”; Rex Allen Sr. and Jr. $6
#112 (March/April ‘13) ) Harry Carey Jr. memorial issue; Westerns of Clint Walker; “Grizzly Adams”; Virginia Gregg; Larry Dobkin; Comic Book Cowboys: “Buckskin”/“Circus Boy”; “Django Unchained”; Dabs Greer; Mammoth Lakes, CA; “Return of Jack Slade”; Johnny Cash; Sci-Fi westerns $6
#114 (July/Aug ‘13) )Color wraparound “A Gathering of Guns 5 at Memphis Film Festival”, Lone Ranger auction and new film; Lone Ranger history, Tom Mix comics; John H. Elliott; “Pursued”; “Stories of the Century”; Tony Young; George Chesebro; Kennedy Meadows, Sonora, CA $10
#117 (Jan/Feb ‘14) )Herb Jeffries’ 100th Birthday, “Riverboat”, Radio: “Straight Arrow”, Comic Book Cowboys: “Tales of the Texas Rangers”, “Snowfire”, Westerns of John Payne, Bruce Dern, “Ambush at Cimarron Pass”, Monterey, Santa Barbara films, I Like Westerns Because…, Wally Cassell $6
#119 (May/June ‘14) )Radio: Wild Bill Hickok; Comic Book: Red Ryder; Constance Ford; “Daniel Boone”; Westerns of Alan Ladd; Roy Huggins; Lone Ranger radio; Music: Richard Markowitz; “Ulzana’s Raid”; Northern California locations; Don Harvey, Richard Devon $6
#122 (Nov/Dec ‘14) )Empty Saddles: Andrew V. McLaglen, Denny Miller; Westerns of James Garner; Radio: “Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders”; Comic Book Cowboys: Shotgun Slade and Johnny Ringo; “Two Faces West”; Frank Hagney; Custer films and TV shows; “Hombre”; Faith Domergue; “Sugarfoot”; Westerns in Arkansas $6
#123 (Jan/Feb ‘15) )Bonham’s auction; Roy Rogers and Trigger; Radio: “Sky King”; Comic Book Cowboys: Bob Baker; Paul Birch; “Rin Tin Tin”; Westerns of Robert Taylor; “The Shooting”; Lane Bradford; composer Harry Sukman; North and South Carolina Westerns $6
#124 (March/April ‘15) )Happy Trails to Broadway; Westerns of Macdonald Carey; “Sheriff of Cochise”; Comic Book Cowboys: Hawkeye and Sheriff of Cochise; Radio: “Hawk Larabee”; Frank Gerstle; Jesse James Westerns; Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois Westerns; composer Lee Zahler; “Along the Great Divide” $6
#127 (Sept/October ‘15) )Gene Autry, Oklahoma, Museum; Dale Evans; Westerns of Glenn Ford; “Cade’s County”; Horace Carpenter; Comic Book Cowboys: “Rin Tin Tin”; Radio: Cisco Kid; composer: Paul Sawtell; “Santa Fe Saddlemates”; Westerns of Oklahoma; Women in Westerns; Richard Emory $6
#129 (Jan/Feb ‘16) )Empty Saddles: Gregg Palmer, David Canary, Robert Loggia, Rex Reason; “Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp”; Radio: “The Six Shooter”; Westerns of Forrest Tucker; Comic Book Cowboys: “The Deputy”; “A Distant Trumpet”; Sunny Bupp; Raoul Kraushaar; Texas locations $6
#130 (Mar/Apr ‘16) )Empty Saddles: Dan Haggerty, Wayne Rogers, Elaine Riley; James Millican; Westerns of Burt Lancaster; Do You Remember: “Death Valley Days”: Comic Book: “Zorro”; Radio: “Death Valley Days”; Arizona locations; Dimitri Tiomkin and Frankie Laine; Richard Eyer; John Wesley Hardin and Ben Thompson in movies and TV $6
#131 (May/June ‘16) )Empty Saddles: Robert Horton, Peter Brown, Ruth Terry, George Kennedy; Tab Hunter Today; Murvyn Vye; Comic Book: “Wild Bill Hickok”; “Wagon Train”; Westerns of Gary Cooper Pt. 1; Radio: “Tales of the Texas Rangers”; George J. Lewis; The Bakaleinikoff brothers; “Born to the West”; Arizona locations $6

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