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Lobbycards for Collectors

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Lobby Card Description
ADVENTURES OF SMILIN' JACK ('42) Ch. 5 Title Card. Tom Brown, Marjorie Lord $ 40
"Adventures of Smilin' Jack"
ADVENTURES OF SMILIN' JACK ('42) Ch. 6 Title Card. Tom Brown, Marjorie Lord $ 40
ARIZONA ROUNDUP ('42) Tom Keene, Steve Clark, Frank Yaconelli, Jack Ingram $ 15
ARIZONA WHIRLWIND ('44) Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson capture Ian Keith $ 20
ARIZONA WHIRLWIND ('44) Trail Blazers Title Card $ 25
CAPTAIN VIDEO ('51) Ch. 8 Judd Holdren, Stan Jolley, Larry Stewart $ 35
CONGO BILL ('48) Ch. 11 Don McGuire, Cleo Moore, Charles King, Stan Jolley $ 20
"Congo Bill"
CONGO BILL ('48) Ch. 12 Title Card $ 30
CONGO BILL ('48) Ch. 15 Don McGuire fights I. Stanford Jolley $ 20
CORNERED ('32) Tim McCoy, Shirley Grey, Niles Welch, Art Mix, others $ 37
CRASHING THRU (RI) James Newill, Jean Carmen (cut to 9 and a half by 8 and a half inches) $ .25
DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY (RI) Ch. 12 Don Terry, Lane Chandler, Claire Dodd, Anne Nagel, Wade Boteler, Ethan Laidlaw $ 12
DOWN IN ARKANSAW ('38) Elviry, Frank "Cicero" Weaver, Big Boy Williams, Berton Churchill $ 15
DOWN IN ARKANSAW ('38) Weaver Bros. and Elviry, June Storey, others $ 20
DOWN IN ARKANSAW ('38) Weaver Bros. and Elviry, Berton Churchill $ 15
DRIFTING WESTWARD ('39) Jack Randall with gun on badmen (2 inch tear right edge) $ 8
FEUD OF THE RANGE ('39) Bob Steele grabs Charlie King, others watch $ 20
FEUD OF THE RANGE ('39) Bob Steele grapples with outlaw (damage/hole on Bob's shirt) $ 8
FORT COURAGEOUS (‘65) Fred Beir, Cavalry trooper, Indian $ 3
HAUNTED RANCH (‘43) Range Busters Title Card (top border trimmed) $ 15
Haunted Ranch Title Card
HEROES OF THE HILLS (‘38) Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune captured on horseback $ 19
Chapter 8 lobby card for "Holt of the Secret Service" serial ('41) starring Jack Holt.
HOLT OF THE SECRET SERVICE serial (‘41) Ch. 8 Jack Holt, Ted Adams, other gangster $ 24
JEEPERS CREEPERS ('39) Weaver Brothers and Elviry, Thurston Hall (border corner nicks, also 1 inch tear repair center of card) $ 10
KING OF THE CONGO ('52) serial. Buster Crabbe as Thunda. Ch. 13. Nice pose. $ 23
"King of the Congo"
KING OF THE CONGO ('52) serial. Buster Crabbe. Ch. 6 Title Card. $ 25
LAND OF HUNTED MEN ('43) Dennis Moore with gun on masked outlaw $ 7
LAND OF HUNTED MEN ('43) Max Terhune with gun on masked John Merton (top border trimmed) $ 5
LAND OF HUNTED MEN ('43) Ray Corrigan and Max Terhune hold guns on Charlie King, John Merton $ 15
LAWLESS EIGHTIES ('57) Outlaws John Doucette, Carol Henry, Tom Monroe $ 2
LAWLESS RIDER ('54) Johnny Carpenter, Kenne Duncan, Frankie Darro, Bill Foster $ 7
LAWLESS RIDER ('54) Johnny Carpenter, Kenne Duncan, Frankie Darro $ 7
LAW RIDES AGAIN ('43) Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson. Great pose $ 20
LAW RIDES AGAIN ('43) Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson, Betty Miles on stagecoach $ 20
LIGHTNIN' BILL CARSON (Duotone RI) Tim McCoy Title Card (top border trimmed, bottom corners trimmed) $ 8
Lightin' Bill Carson
LOST TRAIL ('45) Johnny Mack Brown holds gun on Kenneth MacDonald $ 17
LOST TRAIL ('45) Johnny Mack Brown, Kenneth MacDonald, Eddie Parker $ 17
LOST TRAIL ('45) Johnny Mack Brown confronts Eddie Parker, Kenneth MacDonald $ 16

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