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Lobbycards for Collectors

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Lobby Card Description
OUTLAWS OF SONORA ('38) Bob Livingston, Jean Joyce. (Smudge on Livingston's face.) $ 7
"Outlaws of Sonora" Bob Livingston and Jean Joyce.
OUTLAWS OF SONORA ('38) Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune on horseback talk with Tom London, other riders $ 18
"Outlaws of Sonora".
OVERLAND MAIL ('39) Jack Randall grabs Dennis Moore and Tris Coffin $ 16
OVERLAND MAIL ('39) Jack Randall shakes hands with Hank Bell $ 15
OVERLAND MAIL ('39) Jack Randall with gun on outlaw $ 17
ROARIN' LEAD (RI) Three Mesquiteers--Bob Livingston, Max Terhune, Ray Corrigan confront Hooper Atchley, George Chesebro (mounted on stiff cardboard) $8
ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANGERS ('40) Three Mesquiteers. Bob Livingston masquerades as outlaw, Duncan Renaldo (bottom border trimmed) $12
Rocky Mountain Rangers
ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANGERS ('40) Three Mesquiteers. Bob Livingston, Raymond Hatton, Duncan Renaldo capture outlaw (bottom border trimmed) $14
SHEPHERD OF THE OZARKS ('42) Elviry, Cicero (Weaver Bros.), Thurston Hall, Marilyn Hare, others $10
SHEPHERD OF THE OZARKS ('42) Abner, Cicero (Weaver Bros.), Thurston Hall $10
SIX SHOOTIN' SHERIFF ('38) Ken Maynard, Marjorie Reynolds, Bob Terry (top/bottom borders trimmed slightly, staple marks right border) $7
STALKING MOON ('68) Gregory Peck, Eva Marie Saint $9
STALKING MOON ('68) Gregory Peck in fight $6
STALKING MOON ('68) Gregory Peck with rifle $9
THUNDER IN THE DESERT ('38) Bob Steele, Horace Murphy, Budd Buster mounted (some border wear) $15
Thunder in the Desert
THUNDER IN THE DESERT (RI) Bob Steele, Lew Meehan $7
THUNDERING TRAILS ('43) Three Mesquiteers (Tyler, Steele, Dodd) investigate a torn curtain. (3-ring binder holes at top.) $13
TWO FISTED JUSTICE ('43) Range Busters: John King, Dave Sharpe, Max Terhune $17
VALLEY OF VANISHING MEN ('42) Ch. 14 Bill Elliott, Kenneth MacDonald (center crease, top right tear) $20
VALLEY OF VANISHING MEN ('42) Ch. 12 Bill Elliott, Carmen Morales (three edges trimmed) $10
WEST OF CIMARRON ('41) Three Mesquiteers (Tom Tyler, Bob Steele) doctor James Bush. Budd Buster watches $15
WILD HORSE RUSTLERS ('43) Bob Livingston hold gun on Frank Ellis $10
Wild Horse Rustlers
WILD HORSE STAMPEDE ('43) Ken Maynard grapples with two outlaws (top/bottom borders slightly trimmed) $10

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