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2016 Calendar

11x8 1/2" Coil Bound Wall Calendar
$24 Postpaid in U.S.
or by Paypal $25.95 total in U.S.
Use: orders@westernclippings.com as Paypal address
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"Bonanza", "Tales of Wells Fargo", "Laramie", "Have
Gun Will Travel", "Maverick", "Gunsmoke",
"Rawhide", "Virginian", "Sugarfoot",
"High Chaparral", "Wagon Train", "Cheyenne"

Please note we have just added more lobby cards for sale.
Listings for films starting with "P" thru "V" are now posted. Also several new Gene Autry lobby cards under various letters have been added.

We also now have a page of Sunday and Daily comic strips dating from 1904 on up for sale. Please take a look! More will be added continually.

“Bonanza”—Season 8

“Bonanza: The Official Eighth Season went on sale June 2 including great special features you’ve come to expect with no other series to this extent: rare publicity, episodic and behind-the-scenes photos, Chevrolet commercials not seen since ‘66 and ‘67, and real gems like a super rare and fascinating interview with legendary director William Witney talking about the classic two-parter “The Pursued”.

And for audio commentaries exec producer Andy Klyde and historian Allan Asherman discuss and dissect “The Pursued”. Teddy Quinn, all grown up and blessed with a great memory for detail, takes us back to the set of “Tommy”. Mike Landon fans will really get a kick out of one particular anecdote Ted relates. “Mr. Las Vegas” Wayne Newton took the time to come into the studio and reminisce about “A Christmas Story” and “The Unwritten Commandment”. (And he has some choice words about Pernell Roberts!)

There once was a touring Ponderosa Caravan; a special short film not seen since the Caravan ceased touring in 1970 is included.

Every episode is digitally restored and re-mastered from original 35mm film elements.

And it may sound melodramatic, but truly it’s “do or die” time. Sales of “Bonanza” have been “soft”. There’s talk of suspending transfers from film going forward…if the series goes forward. Andy Klyde was told very recently, there will be no work of any kind on “Bonanza” season nine until further notice. So if you want more “Bonanza”—complete and uncut—and full of fantastic extras, order Season Eight. (And if you can afford it, order an extra. They make great gifts. Father’s Day’s just around the corner…)


6-6-15—Pierre Brice, 86, Apache Chief Winnetou in 10 Euro Westerns in the '60s, died in France June 6.

6-6-15—Noted character palyer Wally Cassell, 103, died April 2 in Palm Desert, CA. Was in "Ramrod", "Little Big Horn", "Charge at Feather River" among others.

5-20-15—John Compton, 91, who appeared in Republic's "Jesse James Rides Again" serial ('47), died May 12 in L.A. Seen in several other Republic Westerns.

5-15-15—Carole Mathews, 94, the both sexy and sweet leading lady in dozens of westerns and TV episodes, died last November 6 in Murrieta, CA. Complete details in WESTERN CLIPPINGS #126 (July/August).

5-15-15—Grace Lee Whitney, 85, died May 1 in California. Before her well known work on "Star Trek" she appeared in many western movies and TV shows.

Be sure to check out our new Western Artifacts section including a radio interview with Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins. More artifacts added frequently.


Latest AnnouncementsWelcome to Western Clippings, an online supplement to our print version of WESTERN CLIPPINGS which is now in its 20th year. (Click on “Subscribe to WESTERN CLIPPINGS” in our menu.)

For current subscribers of our magazine, this website in no way changes our print edition six times a year.

This website will be a constantly updated, evolving site, with new articles, reviews and sales items added continually. Look for new articles and photos in the “Do You Remember…”, “Comic Book Cowboys”, “Will Hutchins—A Touch of Hutch”, “Serial Report”, “Characters and Heavies”, “An Interview With…”, “Best and Worst of the Silent Westerns”, “Western Treasures” and “Film Festival Fotos” sections to be added regularly, with already posted articles always available in our archives for each section.

Sales material—original movie posters (western and non-western), lobby cards, and much more will all be available for purchase as well as superb high quality laser copies made from our extensive collection of over 5,000 western lobby cards. We’ll also have thousands of toys, books, magazines, collectibles and miscellaneous other memorabilia for sale. We hope you’ll keep coming back to this site as new material will be added to all categories continually.

We also have a section enabling you to order direct from us several of our books devoted to westerns. You may also subscribe to our print edition of WESTERN CLIPPINGS and purchase available back issues of WC and SERIAL REPORT.

This “home page” will be devoted to news and information about upcoming western film festivals, western star obits, movie news and other immediate information that will be covered in more detail in subsequent print issues of WC.

We hope you’ll put www.westernclippings.com into your “Favorites” and visit us often.

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Stuntwoman Martha Crawford relates the story of how she rehabilitated Frosty, an 80 lb. abandoned and stunted foal, and how he became a TV celebrity. 8 chapter online book. $1 per chapter. http://frosty.secondrunning.com


Superb B-western publication from '74-'80 by Les Adams. Each issue covers dozens of B-westerns, one page each, with title, release date, cast, credits, synopsis, stills, and newspaper/pressbook ads. Best there ever was! (All are NM-M)

NOTE: Prices lowered!

#4 Westerns of Republic, Range Busters, Westerns of Columbia $17

#11 Tim McCoy, Jimmy Wakely, Westerns of Republic, Westerns of Columbia, Ken Maynard, Russell Hayden $17

#12 Tex Ritter, Westerns of Republic, Jack Randall, Bob Steele, Fred Kohler Jr. $17

#13 Buster Crabbe, Westerns of Columbia, Dick Foran, Westerns of Republic, Tim McCoy $17

#14 Texas Rangers, Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Tyler, Tex Ritter, Westerns of Columbia $17

#15 Westerns of Republic, Tim McCoy, Dick Foran, Ken Maynard, Lash LaRue, Tom Tyler $17

#16 Buster Crabbe, Rex Bell, Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson, Westerns of Republic, Whip Wilson, Wally Wales, Rex Lease $17

#2 (Excellent photocopy) Westerns of Republic, Rough Riders, Westerns of Columbia $5

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All these terrific western books are in VG+ or better condition. All are one of a kind so call (505) 292-0049 or email boyd@westernclippings.com to hold items for up to 10 days. Add $5 postage for one book, $7 for 2 books, $9 for 3 books. Above that, please inquire. (Foreign buyers contact us for shipping cost.) Pay by check or money order.

Articles/photos on Roy Rogers; Yvonne De Carlo; Rex Allen; "Lust for Gold"—Glenn Ford; Allan "Rocky" Lane; "Stampede"—Rod Cameron; Gene Autry; western gals; George Montgomery; many more. Very Good. $45

Movie adaptations in picto form of "Golden Stallion—"Roy Rogers; "Frontier Outpost"
—Charles Starrett; "Nevadan"—Randolph Scott; "Savage Horde"—Bill Elliott; "Arizona Cowboy"—Rex Allen; "Riders in the Sky"—Gene Autry; articles on Dale Evans, Rex Allen. 3/4 x 4" strip off top of cover. One inside photo cut. $25

MOVIE WESTERN (11/50) Vol. 1 #3
Articles/photos on Johnny Mack Brown; Charles Starrett; Smiley Burnette; Rod Cameron; Roy Rogers; Audie Murphy; Allan "Rocky" Lane; Gene Autry; John Wayne; Yvonne DeCarlo; Randolph Scott; Rhonda Fleming; many others. Very Good but spine damage. $45

HOMEMADE SCRAPBOOK (Articles in plastic covered pages)
Articles taken from various western fan publications of the '70s. Tom Tyler, "Devil Horse" serial. 16 pages. $3

Film story adapations with photos of "The Outriders"—Joel McCrea; "Twilight in the Sierras"—Roy Rogers; "Gunmen of Abilene"—Allan "Rocky" Lane; "Dodge City"—Errol Flynn; "Cow Town"—Gene Autry; "Dynamite Pass"—Tim Holt; "Indian Scout"—George Montgomery; "Singing Guns"—Vaughn Monroe; "Outcasts of Black Mesa"—Charles Starrett; "Savage Horde"—Bill Elliott; "Fence Riders"—Whip Wilson. Very Good. $40

I AIN'T DOWN YET ('81) by Gale Storm. Gale Storm's autobiography. Hard cover with dust jacket. $10

Boots and spurs border

Ad for "Snowfire".

“Snowfire”, the rare, in demand 1958 western about a young girl and the wild horse she protects from captivity, is finally available in full Eastman color. DVD $22 postpaid to VideoWest, 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 or by Paypal ($23). Use orders@westernclippings.com as our
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